Raised to be wild

Our Atlantic Salmon are raised in a saltwater
closed-loop land-based facility unlike any other.

Just like wild salmon, our fish start their life in fresh water and then graduate to saltwater to mature. Swimming in large tanks that replicate the natural water flow of ocean currents, our salmon fishery is designed to mirror the ocean ecosystem, but on land – protecting wild salmon populations from both disease and overfishing.

Saltwater Raised

It’s the secret to
great tasting salmon

Sustainably Fed

Our fish only eat responsibly
sourced marine protein and fats

Zero Wastewater

Our unique closed-loop system
emits no wastewater

It all starts with clean water. Our fishery is a proprietary closed-loop system, meaning we emit no waste water into sensitive marine environments. The water in our system is sterilized so that our salmon require zero hormones or antibiotics to stay healthy. And because our fishery is entirely land-based, there is zero possibility of escaped salmon affecting local wild fish stocks.

How can you tell if it’s
Sustainable Blue?

How do you know you’re eating our fish? Well, our salmon is raised to look and taste just like wild Atlantic Salmon. That means a firm texture, a rich red tone, and a far less oily fish.

Fun fact – even though our fish is less fatty, it has more than it’s fair share of healthy omega-3 fats per serving.

Taste the difference

Our fish looks and tastes
just like wild Atlantic Salmon.

Raised in Nova Scotia, Canada

Responsibly raised Atlantic Salmon,
with mother nature as our template.

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